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The hospitality industry has traditionally been extremely slow to adopt new technologies, but we are on a mission to help Phuket’s hotels and hospitality businesses leverage technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency and generate more revenue.

With the advent of SaaS (Software as a Service) in the hospitality sector, forward thinking and innovative hotels are starting to see the operational benefits of using web-based software technology, especially in the PMS space. The days of long and costly on-site PMS installations with expensive maintenance agreements are rapidly coming to an end.

The telecommunications infrastructure in Thailand is rapidly improving, meaning the prospect of a fully digital hotel tech stack is now a realistic operational possibility. That is what we do!

Why you should choose web-based software?

The core benefits of Phuket hotels migrating to web-based applications is to:

  • Reduce hardware costs & operating costs
  • Increase system reliability & redundancy
  • Improve operational efficiency with automation/AI
Hotel PMS software implementation service
What types of software do we work with?

We have years of experience providing IT consulting services to hotels around the world and can guide your property through the shark-infested waters of choosing new hotel management software. We have recommended and installed all kinds of software systems for hotels including but not limited to Cloud PMS (Property Management Systems), Cloud POS (Point Of Sales Systems), Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems, cloud accounting systems, cloud HR systems, cloud IT systems and online booking systems.

Cloudbeds PMS
Cloudbeds PMS

A web based All-In-One Hospitality Management Suite (PMS)

Lightspeed restaurant POS
Lightspeed restaurant POS

A web-based electronic point of sale application for hotels

Quickbooks Online
Quickbooks Online

The world’s number 1 online accounting system.


Web based accounting solution for small business.

The Percentage App
The Percentage App

A multi-function online application by The Percentage Company

What services do we provide?

The Percentage Company have a team of highly experienced industry professionals and have worked with hundreds of hotels, hostels, and resorts in locations around the world. We help hospitality businesses primarily in Thailand with software implementation project management, custom integration development and software consulting & feasibility studies.

If you would like to take your hotel in Phuket to the next level, contact us below to see how we can help!

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