IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

As hospitality digital marketing advocates, hotel “digitization” is in our DNA. We believe that in today’s digital world, businesses can gain competitive advantage by being early adopters and leveraging technology to reduce business costs and increase operational efficiency through automation and AI.

There is a tendency for IT suppliers and consultants in Thailand to recommend the same old technology, we think differently, we believe in innovation and only implement the most cutting-edge equipment and solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

What consultancy services do we provide?

The Percentage Company is your Phuket hotel’s digital partner. We provide smart and creative technical solutions for the everyday IT headaches experienced by your organization. We provide unbiased guidance to help guide you through the digital journey, helping you to make the right decisions for your business. Where possible, we believe in reducing reliance on expensive on-site hardware and network infrastructure and instead recommend cutting edge cloud-based tech solutions which rely in an Internet backbone to deliver your high-availability IT systems and services.

IT consulting services in Phuket
Here are some of the key service areas where our IT consultants can help your Phuket hotel:
  • Software selection & implementation
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Procurement Consulting
  • IT Security Consulting

Our expert IT consultants have up to 20 years’ experience and can help you create a digital transformation road-map so that you can take advantage of the evolving business environment in south east Asia’s hospitality business. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help “digitize” your Phuket hotel!

For years, our team of digital marketing experts have helped clients in Phuket and around the world give their brands a unique and empowering overhaul to turn them into game-changing businesses. If you are looking for IT consultancy services for your hotel, hostel, restaurant, property or hospitality business, contact us today for your FREE proposal!