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WhatWhat is Data & Analytics in the Hospitality Space?

Data & analytics refers to the qualitative & quantitative methods used to derive actionable insight into how your hotel or resorts website or marketing platforms are performing. In this new digital age, data is the new oil and experienced data analysts like us can harness that data to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes from your marketing efforts by taking the speculation out of running your marketing campaigns.

Analytics from tracking platforms such as Google Analytics, can provide your business with relative competitive advantage by allowing your hospitality business to focus financial and time resources where you can derive the most ROI by virtue of having deeper understanding of your guests online journey and behavior.

WhyWhy is data and analytics important for hotels?

Data is everywhere, hotels collect it without even knowing it and being able to aggregate this data to provide actionable insights can be the difference between online marketing success and failure. Having the right data and knowing how to analyze it is critical for any digital marketing team and allows you to make informed conversion rate optimisation decisions about how to make the most of your hotels marketing budgets and drive maximum return on your investment.

Data and Analytics

WhatWhat is our approach to analytics?

What data & analytics do we use? Our experienced team of data analysts can help to gather the right data for your business allowing you to refine and improve your approach. We do not just obtain data from Google Analytics, we also obtain data from your hotel property management system, your restaurant POS and even social media accounts in order to find the right actionable data.

At The Percentage Company, we are process nerds and have created a effective approach to data and analytics based on our years of experience at hotels in Phuket and around the world, which give proven results.

WhyWhy work with TheThe PercentagePercentage Company?Company?

We are a data-driven digital marketing agency based in Phuket Thailand and our approach is highly result orientated. We have wide-ranging experience in obtaining, extracting and interpreting key data points from multiple systems in order to provide valuable and most importantly, actionable data and analytics to give your business direction.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help setup your data and analytics collection strategy to ensure that you are collecting the right actionable data and analytics to ensure that you are able to accurately track the performance and efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

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For many years, our team of revenue managers and online digital marketing experts have helped clients in Thailand & around the world give their hotel brands a unique & empowering overhaul to turn them into super-charged game-changing businesses.

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