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Hotel OTA Management


WhatWhat are Online Travel Agents (OTA)?

OTA’s or Online Travel Agents are websites dedicated to travel booking, such as,, & More than 1.5 billion people book trips each year and 70% of those bookings are now made online!

Certain OTA’s now have significant market share and now have a significant role in the hospitality and travel industry in helping drive awareness and supply for hotels across the globe. Online travel agent listings are free, but commissions between 15-20% are levied each time a booking is made for your property. Hotels provide their partner OTA’s and meta search channels with content, rates and availability using software systems such as channel managers, which gives global distribution.

WhyWhy is effective OTA management important for hotels?

Now more than ever, global travelers are researching locations and booking hotels online and hotels who fail to adapt to this change in trend/behavior will not be able to survive. The hotels who maximize their exposure with pro-active OTA strategies will be able to beat the competition and gain relative market share.

OTA’s provide hotels with a global reach and serve as both a marketing and distribution channel, allowing properties to take advantage of the large marketing budgets, international exposure, and extraordinary online presence to drive revenue. Studies have shown that hotels which are present on OTA’s also benefit from a “billboard effect”, which is an increase in direct bookings by virtue of OTA presence.


WhatWhat is our approach to OTAOTA management?management?

Our main OTA management goal is the same as the goal of hotel owners, to maximize revenue. We provide custom inventory and rate management services which help hotels to achieve that goal. Following detailed assessment, our experienced team of OTA account relationship managers and revenue managers setup and manage OTA channels on your behalf, removing the stress and strain and allowing you to focus on managing your hotel.

Here are some of our key areas of focus as part of our OTA & revenue management protocols:

Distribution: OTA channel selection, effective distribution & commission minimization.

Content: Optimisation of text descriptions, photography & videography.

Rates: Creation & distribution of dynamic rate structure.

Availability: Management & distribution of inventory.

Policies: Creation & optimisation of hotel booking policies to maximize revenue.

Our dedicated team will manage your OTA’s on a day-to-day basis and will establish tailor made revenue management strategies, technologies and guidelines which help you to outperform competitors, operate more efficiently and maximize RevPAR.

WhyWhy work with TheThe PercentagePercentage Company?Company?

The Percentage Company has a team of experienced Phuket hotel market specialists, experts in analyzing and adapting to complex, competitive and dynamic market conditions.

We are a Phuket-based sales and marketing agency made up of industry sales representation professionals, who create high-performing hotels by implementing personalized, cost-effective OTA management solutions, honed over years into industry-specific winning formulas. We embed within your team and provide hotel owners and operators with fully outsourced total OTA management solutions tailor made for each property.

Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help to ensure that your hotel or resort is presented in the best possible light in your OTA accounts so that your property stands out from the crowd and maximizes occupancy, RevPAR & GopPAR.

Check out some of our Hotel OTA Management case studies below

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