How a wellness resort increased from 180 to 500 guests per month with 97% booking direct!

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The Atmanjai Wellness Spa is one of south-east Asia's leading wellness and detox Spa's. The Percentage Company team provide a full suite of digital, marketing & technology services including web design, booking systems, SEO, paid search marketing, IT support, revenue management and much more, which helped take Atmanjai to the next level, find out more below!

  • Friendsip Beach Co., Ltd
  • Wellness
  • 2014 -
  • www.atmanjai.com



20 custom detox and wellness rooms for guests.


Monthly guests

An average of over 500 wellness retreats per month.

+40 MB


Up to 40 million Thai Baht in sales revenue per year.


Direct Booking

Up to 97% of guests originate from the website.

Atmanjai Wellness Spa digital marketing
Atmanjai Wellness Spa internet marketing
Atmanjai Wellness Spa online marketing
  • The Challenges & Objectives
  • Atmanjai offers a world-class set of detox, fitness & wellness programs involving a huge amount of products and services. As the company grew, it was clear that there were substantial inefficiencies and manual processes for the guests to book and for the operations team to manage. In order to 'scale-up' it was essential that the sales funnel was streamlined by 'simplifying' and 'packaging' up the offering so that conversion would increase & thereby limiting much of the manual CRM & reservations administration so that the business can be scaled by building product awareness.
  • The Solutions & Results
  • To streamline the sales process, we re-designed the website with a focus on providing guests with only the necessary information. We also created an entirely customised booking engine which allows guests to book rooms & accommodation (one of the worlds first instant confirmation wellness booking engines). Following full CRO, we then conducted large scale search engine marketing campaigns to drive vast amounts traffic. What were the results? Atmanjai averaged over 500 program days per month & generated 40+ Million THB per year with over 97% of guests booking direct!
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