The Atmanjai Wellness Spa

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The Atmanjai Wellness Spa is Phuket's leading wellness and detox Spa. As E-Commerce & Revenue Manager for Triple C Hotels & Resorts, our co-founder Edward and members of The Percentage Company team provide a full suite of digital services including web design, booking system development, SEO, paid search marketing, IT support and much more, which helped take Atmanjai to the next level, see some of our results below!

  • Friendsip Beach Co., Ltd
  • Wellness
  • 2014 -
  • www.atmanjai.com



20 custom detox and wellness rooms for guests.


Monthly guests

An average of over 500 wellness retreats per month.

+40 MB


Up to 40 million Thai Baht in sales revenue per year.


Direct Booking

Up to 97% of guests originate from the website.

Atmanjai Wellness Spa
Atmanjai Wellness Spa
Atmanjai Wellness Spa