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How a Spanish Real Estate Agency sold 27,500 properties using SEO & internet marketing!

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The Interealty Group was a family owned estate agency based in Marbella Spain, with 57 real estate offices and hundreds of sales and telemarketing staff spread across the length of Spain's southern coastline, The Balearic Islands & the Canary Islands. The owner of Interealty (father of our Co-founder Edward) had a string of very successful technology & consulting firms which enabled Edward to learn his trade from one of the world's SEO pioneers. Interealty built their first website in 1997 (pre-Google). Edward played a central role in the Digital Marketing and IT division, which developed a network of over 600 real estate websites, enabling the sale of almost 28,000 properties in Spain.

  • Interealty Group
  • Real Estate
  • 2001 - 2007



Interealty created over 600 real estate websites to market property in Spain.

3 Million+


Interealty's websites generated in excess of 3 million hits per month.



Interealty generated in excess of 12,000 telemarketing leads per month.



Interealty sold in excess of 27,500 properties in the south of Spain.

Interealty Estate Agents web design and SEO
Interealty Estate Agents digital marketing
Interealty Estate Agents internet marketing

What Interealty Estate Agents have said about us

"Edward was a key member of our cutting-edge IT and digital marketing team, which developed in excess of 600 Spanish property websites designed to sell real estate in the south of Spain. Edward was fully involved in all aspects of our sales and marketing strategies and has a keen insight and talent for marketing property. Our digital marketing team were pioneers in the Internet space for real estate and Edward was a critical part of that, which resulted in the sale of almost 30,000 properties. I cannot recommend Edward highly enough!"

Conor O'Connor / CTO / Interealty Group

  • The Challenges & Objectives
  • Interealty was one of many real estate agencies selling property in Southern Spain with most of the sales leads being generated via expensive & time consuming property exhibitions & roadshows. The objective was to find an alternative and scaleable source of property sales leads with an overall lower aquisition cost than traditional offline lead generation methods.
  • The Solutions & Results
  • Interealty build a network of 600+ property sale websites leveraging the latest SEO techniques which generated in excess of 3 million visits & 12,000 contacts per month What were the results? Interealty were able to establish 57 office locations in Spain & sold over 27,500 properties via their 75 person telemarketing team, becoming one of Spain's largest real estate agencies.
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