Kudo Hotel Phuket Hotel Phuket

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Kudo Hotel Phuket Hotel located in the heart of Patong, Phuket is a luxurious newly refurbished beach front 5-star resort set just steps away from Phuket's busiest tourist hotspot. The Percentage Company provides a fully integrated e-commerce & digital marketing solution, including full OTA management in order to maximize resort profitability. See some of our results below!

  • Jimmy P Semaan
  • Hospitality / Travel
  • 2018 -
  • www.kudohotel.com


Room Revenue

Year-on-year online room revenue was increased by 92%


Total Revenue

Year-on-year total hotel revenue was increased by 57%



Occupancy increased from 4% to 50% in 14 days & 88% in 45 days



REVPAR increased 8X in 30 days, 16X in 60 days & 20X in 90 days

Kudo Hotel Phuket Hotel Phuket
Kudo Hotel Phuket Hotel Phuket
Kudo Hotel Phuket Hotel Phuket
"The Percentage Company is Phuket’s best full-service digital marketing agency. Well informed on their niche business, the team is professional, dynamic and creative. Most importantly, they deliver superb results. I hired The Percentage Company to oversee the hospitality management, hotel room sales and marketing of Kudo Hotel, a 26 key property on Patong Beach."
"Since then, sales for the property has been driven up and revenue at the property has consistently increased. I have been pleasantly surprised by the company’s smart, good strategies which bring effective results. If you are looking for a knowledgeable digital marketing agency with a lean team that keeps their finger to the pulse on changing world trends and quickly adapts their strategies, The Percentage Company truly delivers. I am extremely happy with their services, and would highly recommend them again and again."

- Jimmy P Semaan / Managing Director / Club Unique

Kudo Hotel Phuket Phuket