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WhatWhat is Online PR & Branding in the Hospitality space?

Online brand marketing involves accentuating the positive aspects of your brand while limiting or eliminating the damage of negative online feedback. With the meteoric rise of the Internet’s influence on hospitality, online brand marketing is now a key part of developing a successful hospitality business, and effective branding can transform customers perception of your brand and take your hotel to the next level.

WhyWhy does my hotel need online PR & Branding?

The importance of managing your brand online cannot be underestimated; brand visibility has a direct effect on website performance and can help you stand out from the crowd, take advantage of positive PR and limit the damage from negative PR.

Effective branding and PR allow your property to understand your audience and the dynamic market trends.

Why do I need online PR & Branding?

WhatWhat is our approach to online PR and Branding?

If you would like your hotel to be a digital market leader in Phuket, it is essential that you cultivate your brand’s story and build your online presence. Online PR should focus on the functional and emotional aspects of your brand and highlight the features and benefits of your hotel, relative to the competition, which if well executed, helps transform your brand into the best possible version of itself.

We use the latest research and analytical techniques to develop pro-active strategies which help project the look, feel and tone of the brand and communicate with your target audience.

Here are some of the areas where our experiencing brand marketing managers focus:

Monitor your Brand:

In order to react to positive or negative brand feedback, you must first monitor the online conversation.

Follow Brand Guidelines:

Ensure that you are projecting a consistent and memorable brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Lead the Discussion:

Join the online conversation about your brand and positively react and respond to the feedback.

Utilize Brand Management Tools:

There is a wealth of tools available to help manage your brand online including Google Alerts, Hootsuite and many more.

Be the center of attention:

Get your name out there and keep it there!

A social revolution:

Use social media to engage your customers

It is all about who you know:

Build a network of people to help

WhyWhy work with TheThe PercentagePercentage Company?Company?

The Percentage Company brings brands to life, we help hospitality businesses develop new brands or review and strengthen existing brands. Depending on your requirements and business objectives, we create tailor made and forward-thinking brand communication strategies which build brands and shape reputations.

Get in touch with us today and let us help get your brand story out there!

Check out some of our Online PR & Branding case studies below

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