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Technical SEO


Technical SEO is the process by which your hotel website is setup to comply with search engine requirements and best practices, to ensure that search engines can successfully crawl, index, and rank your website. Good content and effective design make your website readable for human beings and Technical SEO makes your website readable to search engine spiders!

Technical SEO encompasses a wide range of settings, including server, domain, and code configuration with the goal of making sure that your site can be easily indexed by search engine bots and therefore given improved search engine rankings.

WhyWhy is Technical Important?

Search engines like Google & Yahoo are interested in quality. They want to give their users the best and most relevant search results for their online users. Therefore, while Technical SEO helps to satisfy search engine requirements and improve ranking, the end-result also helps build a site which satisfies your users and helps increase online conversion.

You can have the best and most beautiful website around, but if your website does not have a strong foundation of Technical SEO, your site will never rank and you will never be able to beat your competition. Websites where a full technical SEO audit has been conducted should be Fast, Secure, Crawlable, high-quality and structured. To achieve this, you may need to hire a specialist SEO agency such as The Percentage Company, as it does require a level of technical expertise, but if done effectively, can be the difference between success and failure and can give you a competitive advantage over your competitor hotels. If you want your site to achieve its full potential, Technical SEO is a necessity.

technical seo for hotels in thailand

WhatWhat is our Approach to TechnicalTechnical SEO?SEO?

At the Percentage Company, for our Technical SEO audits, our SEO executives focus on providing answers to these key questions:

Can the search engines find and crawl my hotel’s website? Crawl optimisation focuses on website architecture and URL structure, crawl behaviour analysis, internal linking, XML sitemaps, status codes, robots.txt, mobile crawl behaviour and taxonomy using tools such as Google & Bing webmaster tools.

Can the search engines index my hotel’s website? Index optimisation focuses on meta robots’ tags, URL canonicalization and robots.txt to ensure your site can be indexed effectively.

Can the search engines correctly render my hotel’s website? Render optimisation focuses on page load speed using CDN’s and minification and compression of on-page scripts and CSS, hosting server optimisation, caching and framework optimisation.

Can the search engines understand my hotel’s website? Technical SEO content optimisation focusses on structured data mark-up (, accessibility, microdata, and rich snippets.

Can the search engines effectively rank my hotel website’s content? Technical SEO ranking optimisation focusses on page latency, content relevance and authority, page SSL security, responsiveness, duplicate and thin content removal, mobile responsiveness, and AMP.

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WhyWhy work with thethe PercentagePercentage Company?Company?

The Percentage Company has a proven track record in building successful SEO campaigns for hotels and businesses of all kinds, we create websites that build momentum!

We do not have a magic formula for getting you to number 1 for every search term (beware of people who tell you they do!), but we use a data-driven approach, have 20 years of experience and a track record of success, all of which helps us to deliver tangible results for our customers.

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