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Keeping a hotel running has always been something that calls for a lot of effort. The job is a particularly delicate one in the fast-paced digital age as well. That’s because it involves putting a lot of time into your online presence. Internet reputations are a big deal in all different industries nowadays. The hospitality one is certainly no exception. If you want your hotel to do well and grow, then you have to concentrate on branding and reputation online. That’s why you have to concentrate on online reviews. Potential hotel visitors frequently decide whether they’re going to book rooms based on meticulously assessing any and all guest reviews they come across on the Internet. If you master responding to these reviews, then you can help portray your hotel in a welcoming and accurate light.

The Ins and Outs of Responding to Reviews Online

It’s critical to try to excel at the fine art of online public relations. People often find hotel reviews via widely known platforms online such as Tripadvisor. Capable hoteliers often take the time to respond to negative and positive online reviews alike. If a review is negative, it can help to resolve the problematic situation. If a review is positive, it can help to go above and beyond to make the guest’s experience even better and more memorable.

If you want to respond to a review, it can be smart to do so as rapidly as possible. Do so in less than 24 hours total. You can make a strong impression by writing back to the guest with his or her name. Don’t beat around the bush when you write about any problems that were brought up, either. If a review is negative, you should strive to come up with a solution that can put a smile on the guest’s face yet again. It can be a smart gesture to offer the guest his or her money back. A gift voucher or discount can also sometimes work like a charm. Do not forget to offer a sincere and in-depth apology in general. Apologize for any effects the grievances may have had on the guest’s time, vacation, business trip or anything else similar.

It isn’t uncommon for hoteliers to come across guest reviews that are rather comprehensive. If an issue is complex, it may require a lot of time, expertise and energy to solve. If that’s the case, you should encourage the guest to reach out you directly via email or telephone. Make sure you offer your contact details in your public response.

Remember, it can sometimes help to clarify why a guest may have encountered a problem. Be 100 percent truthful, however. If you do not have a clarification that makes sense, you should zero in on an apology and an apology alone.

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