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The power of backlinks within digital marketing cannot be understated, especially in the hospitality sector. The Hotel industry is based on customer satisfaction and one bad experience can tarnish a hotel’s reputation if that experience is shared across the internet. There are so many “speaker” platforms online from Tripadvisor to Google, social media platforms, and the OTAs. Conversely, a customer’s good experience can also be shared across different platforms and this is the best kind of marketing as it’s word of mouth and doesn’t cost a penny to the business.

The Best Word Of Mouth – Backlinks

Backlinks are links to your hotel’s website that are placed on other sites, this is akin to placing an advert or a poster on a telephone pole in a different neighborhood. This puts more eyes on your link and sends more traffic to your website from curious onlookers. Many times, these backlinks are put up by customers who had a good experience at your hotel and want to spread the good word. Again, these kinds of advertisements are the kind that you can’t buy from a marketing agency.

How Backlinks Can Help Your Marketing Push

Backlinks, aside from the free marketing angle, can also drive your SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) on Google searches for hotels. The algorithm behind the Google SERP machine is muti-faceted and difficult to understand at times, but one of the noted ways to increase your ranking within Google is having backlinks on multiple sites which can drive up the SERP scores with Google’s WebCrawler bots.

When To Enlist Reinforcements

Maintaining quality service and keeping customers happy is what it’s all about! Your good will and happy customers will spread the news about your business in the online world. But even that will only take your marketing push so far, when your new customer numbers from month to month start to slip a little, you need to employ some professional help to garner more backlinks and other proven digital marketing strategies that can increase visibility to your website.

The Percentage Company

The Percentage Company (based in Thailand) has over 20+ years of digital marketing experience and has retained clients all around the world. The company provides SEO marketing concepts and PPC marketing concepts to their clients to increase their business and get the word out about the company! The Percentage Company also has content marketing services and email marketing services as well.

In today’s digital marketing climate, one of the biggest marketing tools is making your way up the Google Search Engine ladder. This is the art of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and the ultimate goal of The Percentage Company is to place your business as close to page one of SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) as possible.

If you are a hotelier or hospitality business looking for help in the digital marketing world, please contact The Percentage Company today to learn more about what they offer and how their digital marketing strategies can help your business get more eyes on your product!.

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