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WhatWhat is Email Marketing for hotels?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of delivering a personalized commercial message direct to a person’s inbox. Email marketing campaigns in the hotel context are generally used to enhance guest or customer relationships, encourage guest loyalty or to boost sales revenues.

Email campaigns in this context should be split into 3 broad types of email, based on their objectives:

Email Campaigns to create awareness


Email Campaigns to create awareness about your hotel/brand

Email Campaigns to drive online conversions

Drive online conversions

Email Campaigns to drive online conversions

Email Campaigns to build loyalty

Build Loyalty

Email Campaigns to build loyalty and manage/build the customer relationship

WhyWhy should my hotel do Email Marketing?

Many successful hotels around the world realize the powerful potential of using e-mail as a method of keeping in contact with past guests and to encourage repeat business. Without doubt, email is abused by many businesses, but the merits of considered and strategic opt-in communication campaigns are there for all to see.

If effectively implemented, a consistent email or database marketing campaign has the potential to boost your website’s traffic significantly in a short period of time. Not only is email marketing powerful, it is also cost-effective versus other methods of generating similar amounts of traffic and is a great way to keep your brand fresh in the mind of customers so that when they enter the discovery phase of the decision making process, you are there.

Why should I do Email Marketing?

WhatWhat is our approach to Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not just about sending out a large amount of indiscriminate emails, it is about engaging customers with opt-in campaigns to grow loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Our team are email marketing experts and creating bespoke and ethical mailing and list growth strategies and use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your message is successfully delivered to your guests and your campaigns yield ROI.

Successful email marketing campaigns are built around the following 3 tenants:

Targeting and Segmentation:

Sending the right content to the right people at the right time is critical in creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Email Template Design:

Creating interesting & engaging A/B tested email templates which work across multiple devices and platforms with strong calls to action.

Performance Tracking & Reporting:

Statistical tracking of open rates, bounce rates, delivery and response/conversion rates is essential to assess the success of your campaigns.

WhyWhy work with TheThe PercentagePercentage Company?Company?

Our team has wide ranging experience creating custom email marketing strategies and campaigns for hotels and hospitality businesses of all kinds. We adhere to all ethical email marketing standards to protect your domain and ensure that all email communications from your business are crafted to the highest standards and cross device/browser compatible but most importantly create customer engagement and sales from your database.

Email marketing is fraught with challenges preventing successful campaigns, but our team has the necessary experience to create affordable and effective campaigns for your hotel.

Check out some of our email & database marketing case studies

Case studies - Friendship Beach & Atmanjai Wellness Spa

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