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On-page or On-site SEO refers to the optimisation of your hotel websites webpages (source code) to help improve their ranking visibility in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, to drive more organic or natural search traffic and make your website more user friendly.

Some of the key elements of on-page SEO are the optimisation of meta title and description tags, content, images, URL’s and internal links, but it also involves making sure that your site showcases E-A-T (Experience, Authority & Trustworthiness) to visitors and for search engines.

WhyWhy is ON-PAGE SEO Important for hotels?

On-Page SEO techniques help to communicate your hospitality brand’s value to search engines and to your visitors by optimising the visible (text, images, video etc.) and non-visible content (meta tags, alt tags, structured data etc.) and code on your site’s pages, so that search engines know your page is relevant to the searchers query. So much of ranking a website is outside your control, but on-page SEO focuses on the elements that you can control.

Search Engine algorithms are now extremely sophisticated but there is an ever-greater focus on search intent and delivering search engine users the most relevant SERPs results possible. By focusing on improving your on-page optimisation according to SEO best practice, the probability of your off-page strategy being successful and therefore getting good search engine visibility, improves exponentially.

SEO involves a wide range of on-page, off-page and technical interventions, but if you put sufficient effort into on-page strategies, which you have full control over, you can expect to see improvement in your ranking.

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WhatWhat is our Approach to ON-PAGEON-PAGE SEO?SEO?

The Organic search marketing team at The Percentage Company focus on these core elements of On-site SEO during our customer audits and when we build new websites:

Page Load Speed: Optimisation of page load speed by rightsizing images and pages as well as minifying scripts (as mentioned in technical SEO) using tools such as Google Page Speed Insights, GT Metrix & Pingdom.

Meta Tags: Optimisation of meta title tags and description tags using unique and keyword rich content.

Content: Creation of unique, well-researched, high-quality, and readable content which engages readers and adds value, as well as optimisation of H1, H2 headings, URLs, and images with ALT tags.

Monitoring Analytics: Tracking on-page user experience (UX) signals such as dwell time, page bounce rates, and user engagement levels to help improve ranking.

Keyword optimisation: Identification of focus keywords and page optimisation with the correct keyword density/frequency.

Linking strategy: Setup and optimisation of effective internal and external link strategy, streamlined navigational structure and optimised anchor text.

Case studies - Friendship Beach & Atmanjai Wellness Spa

WhyWhy work with thethe PercentagePercentage Company?Company?

The Percentage Company has a proven track record in building successful SEO campaigns for hotels and businesses of all kinds, we create websites that build momentum!

We do not have a magic formula for getting you to number 1 for every search term (beware of people who tell you they do!), but we use a data-driven approach, have 20 years of experience and a track record of success, all of which helps us to deliver tangible results for our customers.

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For many years, our team of revenue managers and online digital marketing experts have helped clients in Thailand & around the world give their hotel brands a unique & empowering overhaul to turn them into super-charged game-changing businesses.

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